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PE Intent

At Rabbsfarm Primary School, we are committed to fostering a lifelong love for physical activity and sportsmanship among our pupils. Our intent is to provide a comprehensive Physical Education (PE) program that not only develops fundamental movement skills but also instils core values and cultivates a sense of comradery and healthy competition. We recognise and value the importance of Physical Education and endeavour to inspire all children to develop a love of being active.   

Our primary objective is to nurture a positive and inclusive environment where all children, regardless of their abilities or backgrounds, can actively engage in physical pursuits and discover the joy of being active. By delivering a varied and progressive PE curriculum, we aim to empower our pupils to develop physical competence, self-confidence, and resilience, setting them on a path towards a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Through a range of activities encompassing games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, and outdoor pursuits, we strive to cater to the diverse interests and abilities of our students. Our dedicated and passionate staff employ a range of teaching methods, ensuring that lessons are engaging, inclusive, and tailored to meet the individual needs of each child. We prioritise differentiation, providing additional support for those who require it and challenging more able students to reach their full potential. 

Sportsmanship is a fundamental aspect of our PE program. We place great emphasis on teaching our pupils the values of fair play, respect, teamwork, and ambition. Our goal is not only to produce skilled athletes but also to foster character development and positive social interactions through sport. We believe that by instilling these values, our students will grow into responsible and empathetic individuals who can contribute positively to their local community and beyond. 

Recognising the importance of extracurricular activities in building confidence, teamwork, and a sense of belonging, we actively encourage our pupils to join school teams. By participating in inter-school competitions and friendly matches with other local schools, our students have the opportunity to apply their skills, showcase their talents, and experience the thrill of healthy competition. We strongly believe that these experiences provide valuable life lessons and contribute to the holistic development of our pupils. 

Moreover, we understand that the PE curriculum extends beyond the boundaries of the school day. We are committed to forging strong links with parents, carers, and the wider community to encourage physical activity and healthy living beyond the school premises. By working collaboratively, we aim to create a supportive network that fosters a culture of physical well-being for our students both in and outside of school. 

In conclusion, our intent is to provide a high-quality and inclusive PE program that ignites a lifelong passion for physical activity, cultivates sportsmanship skills and values, and offers opportunities for friendly competition with other local schools. Through our efforts, we aim to empower our pupils to lead healthy and active lives, equipping them with the skills and attitudes necessary to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world. 

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