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Attendance & Punctuality

We expect children to arrive and to be collected punctually at the start and end of each day (as per our staggered start and finish times below.

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Every Day Counts


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Please call our main office number 01895 444971 or email us at: absences@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk 

if you child is going to be absent from school.


Requests for Leave of Absence

Requests for leave of absence should be sent to the school office by letter or email to office@rabbsfarm.hillingdon.sch.uk.

Absence requests are only authorised in exceptional circumstances.  Holidays are not considered exceptional circumstances.  For further infomation, see 'Exceptional Leave' Factfile below.


Minor Illness and School Attendance

The London Borough of Hillingdon (LBH)  is working in partnership with parents and schools to make sure all pupils attend school as fully as possible.  LBH have found that a number of children are missing school due to assumed illness, and feel that they need to support parents to tackle this trend. 

Use good common sense when deciding whether your child needs to stay at home.  Work on the basis that sick children belong at home and well children belong in the classroom!

Please remember that early moring aches often pass, so don't keep your child at home 'just in case' when they could be learning in class.  If you are not sure, check the guidance in the leaflet below (Minor Illness and School Attendance)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is good attendance?
A. 100-95%  Less than 10 absences per year.
Q. What is poor attendance?
A. Anything below 95% attendance is worrying, as your child is missing key learning opportunities and therefore, has less chance of success.
Q. What will happen if my child's attendance falls below 95%?
A. Schools monitor pupil attendance every term and if a child's attendance is falling below 95%, a letter will be sent home in the first instance.  You will then be invited to an attendance meeting with the Headteacher and a member of the participation team from the local authority,
Q. Isn't my child entitled to 10 days holiday or odd days off for long weekends?
A. No, the school will only authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.  Did you know that there are 175 non school days per year to spend on famlily time, visits, holidays, shopping trips etc.
Q. What is meant by 'genuine medical reasons to be absent'?
A. Diarrhoea, sickness, childhood ailments eg. measles, chicken pox, extremely high temperature etc. are genuine illnesses.  Children should not stay at home if they have minor coughs, tummy aches or headaches.  If your child is too poorly to remain at school, the school's Welfare Officer will contact you to come and collect your child.  Please remember that even absences due to genuine medical reasons still affect a child's attendance.  Where possible, you should provide the school with medical evidence to support the absence.
Q. What should I do if my child is absent?
A. Contact the school's Attendance Officer, by 9am on the first day of absence, to explain why your child will be missing school.

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