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Packed Lunches

Healthier Packed Lunches for Children

What you need to know

Eating well is important. Children need to eat well as it gives them energy and nutrients to grow,
develop, be healthy and active. A healthy and enjoyable lunch gives children the energy they
need to play at school.

Please see below for information about how to pack a healthier lunch (based on our school food policy).

What is a Healthy Packed Lunch?


Drinks, especially water, help children to concentrate and feel well.  Water is freely available in school, however, another drink can be included in your child’s lunchbox.

X  Fizzy drinks are not permitted  Replace sugary or fizzy drinks with 100% pure fruit juice, fruit smoothie or a yoghurt/milk drink


Snack foods may be included occasionally, but aim to make healthier choices when possible.  Snack foods tend to be high in fat, sugar and salt.

 Biscuit Bars
   (with minimal chocolate)

Unsuitable Items

The following items are not considered good/healthy choices for lunchtime:
X  Cakes and pastries
X  Jam and Nutella//Chocolate spread sandwich fillers
X  Sweets or Chocolate
X Nuts or products containing nuts - as we have staff and children at our school with severe allergies.

Practical Tips for a Healthy Packed Lunch

  • Try to vary the contents of your child’s lunchbox daily.  That way you can ensure that your child is getting the variety of nutrients their bodies need to function and grow.
  • Involve your child in preparing their lunchbox.  They are more likely to enjoy lunch they have prepared themselves.
  • If your child refuses to eat brown bread, then try a lighter variety or make sandwiches using a slice of white and a slice of wholemeal bread.
  • Always try to add a little salad to a sandwich.  To avoid soggy sandwiches, dry the salad before adding it to the sandwich or put it in a separate sandwich bag or tub.
  • Make a salad using rice, potato or pasta from the night before, mixed with vegetables, beans etc.
  • Empty and wash your child's packed lunch box every day.

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